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Root Canal

What is a root canal?

A root canal is a very common dental procedure that aims to eliminate pain and/or a tooth infection. Contrary to popular belief, it is usually painless as the dentist adequately will numb you prior to the procedure. It often gets a bad reputation due to the patient being in pain prior to starting treatment, making numbing the patient more difficult than it typically would. The procedure aims to remove severe damage or infected tooth structures that often causes pain or swellings. This procedure is an attempt to save a tooth and preserve any remaining natural tooth structure to avoid a tooth extraction.

Signs you may need a root canal

Root Canal Procedure

When a root canal is needed to save your tooth, our dentist will painlessly anesthetize you. A rubber sheet is placed around the tooth to keep it sterile and clean. The inner layer of the tooth and all decayed material are then carefully removed, while cleansing it medicinally. When ensured all bacteria and infectious causing agents are removed, the inside or canal(s) are sealed to ensure no more bacteria can build up and cause further infection and damage.
After we are sure any symptoms have been resolved, the next step is to restore the tooth to is proper form and function. This means the tooth will often need a crown after the procedure depending on how much natural tooth structure is left after the procedure. A basic filling may also suffice, if enough tooth structure is remaining.
Root canals and the restoration process often will take 2 separate visits but may take more depending on the level of pain and circumstances when initiating the procedure. If there are extreme circumstances preventing you from getting the care you need, we will refer you to a root canal specialist who will take care of that portion of your treatment and we will fix up the tooth for you after.

Root Canal Cost

Most dentists and insurance companies will charge based on the tooth that needs to be treated. A front tooth is differently priced than a back tooth, with teeth in between varying in price. We eliminate this confusion and charge a flat fee of $799 for any tooth needing treatment. We also include any posts and build ups needed to rebuild the tooth after the procedure if the root canal is done with us. Finding an appointment with a dentist to perform this procedure often takes very long, especially if you are in pain. Don’t let your tooth get worse, schedule your appointment today to get the treatment you need.