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Dentures are removable dental devices that are used to replace several missing teeth and the gums surrounding it. They are a quick way to restore your teeth back to functionality as well as restoring the appearance of your smile. Dentures are not only for those with complete tooth loss, they can benefit those missing multiple teeth but still have some teeth present. These teeth can be used to anchor the denture in place and do not need to be removed. Dentures themselves can be a permanent solution to replace missing teeth or a temporary or transitional appliance while you seek a permanent solution for any missing teeth.

Complete vs Partial Denture

Generally there are two types of dentures available to replace missing teeth: a complete denture and a partial denture. Complete dentures will replace every tooth on the top and/or bottom. Since there are no teeth present, the complete denture will need to be held onto by the palate on the top of the mouth, or the jaw bone on the lower. When placing an upper complete denture, the palate usually creates good suction and holds it in place fairly well. Lower completes, however, can sometimes have a hard time sticking in. This is because the tongue and cheeks are active and will actively try to displace the denture. Making it worse can be if the jaw bone is very little, meaning there is not much to hold on to. In these situations, implants are sometimes place on the lower to hold it in place. Speak to our dentist if you wish to learn more about implant supported complete dentures.
Partial dentures can replace anywhere from one tooth to multiple. They are held in by existing teeth by gum colored or metallic hooks around the supporting teeth. Generally, the denture itself is made from gum colored acrylic and very few metallic based ones are made for patients to make them as natural looking as possible. Every effort is made to make the denture teeth as close to your natural tooth shade as possible as well.

Benefits of Dentures

Denture Procedure and Cost

Getting dentures is not a quick fix, but with us we will do everything possible to expedite the process for you. Dentures can generally take 1-2 months to receive from start to finish. The reason for this is that there are a number of steps required, with each step vital to the next. Required are the impressions of your mouth, recording how you bite, selecting the color and appearance of your teeth, trying in a mock up then finally receiving the finished product. We will strive to ensure you are satisfied at each step, so we can be assured you will be thrilled with the final product.
At Dental Restoration Pros, we know getting dentures can be tough, especially if working with a dental insurance plan. They generally will only cover 1 set of dentures every 5-7 years, and might not even cover the full cost depending on your particular plan. They may also limit the type of denture you may be eligible for, such as paying for non-aesthetic materials or not paying for them at all if you had “pre-existing” conditions prior to obtaining the plan. If you fall under this category or have lost or broken your existing dentures and aren’t eligible for new ones, we have a solution. We charge a low flat-fee of $1500 for each denture plate, and only use the newest and best materials for your denture. Included are all moldings and unlimited adjustments so you can be assured you will be well taken care of even after receiving your final set.