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Our Difference

How we are different

Our aim is to provide affordable dental care with no hidden costs or tricks. We strive to offer a dental home to help offset the rising costs you are experiencing while seeking dental treatment. We have set our fees at very fair rates that you will unlikely have seen at traditional dental offices. We do not want costs to ever be a barrier in getting dental care
We are not a cookie-cutter dental office, as you can simply come in to get any procedure done at an affordable price while still being able to see your regular dentist for all other care. You are also free to continue to see us for all your routine care as well.

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We have removed the confusion or widely varying costs of treatment you may have experienced by setting flat, transparent fees for all of our services. No more dreading how much something will cost or getting surprise bills down the road as what we quote you is exactly what the cost will be. We offer multiple ways to receive further discounts and value at our office.

Some highlights of our services are:

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Dental Restoration Pros
- Dentist Fee for CrownApproved FeeDelta PaysYou Pay
Your Savings
Dental Restoration Pros $699n/a$349.50 (to you directly)$349.50 (after reimbursement to you)$850.50
In Network$1200$778 $389 (if approved) $389 (if approved)$811
Dentist Fee for Crown$1200$1200$600$600 (after reimbursement to you)$600