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At Dental Restoration Pros, Dental crowns or caps are one of the most expensive procedures in dentistry, yet vital to your oral health if needed. The average cost for a single dental crown can fall between $1000-1500 with some practices exceeding $2000! Added to this cost often are charges for x-rays, build-ups of broken down teeth and clinical examination of the affected tooth. (Insurance) companies will often need to “pre-approve” the treatment you need BUT will generally only cover 50-60% of the fee billed to them. This process can be time consuming and costly while leaving your tooth vulnerable to further damage. At NYC Crown Crafters, we eliminate the need for a third-party to make choices about YOUR oral health and offer a flat-fee of $699 for ANY dental crown. This also includes all necessary x-rays, build-ups and exam.  We proudly stand by our work and will GUARANTEE all dental crowns for 2 years, so you can be confident in the investment made into your oral health. 

You may need a crown if you have:

What to expect:

Our team will examine your tooth or teeth of concern. The appropriate x-rays or intraoral photos will be taken, and a treatment plan will be presented to you, as well as any alternative treatments we can offer. We will ethically inform you of the pros and cons of each, so you can take control of your oral health and make the best informed decision for your unique situation.

Once agreed, we will painlessly numb the area, prepare the tooth or teeth as needed, take a molding to be sent to one of our amazing local dental lab to create a quality custom fitting crown for your mouth and finally create a temporary crown which will be in place until your crown arrives.

Once the crown arrives, we will remove the temporary, verify the crown fits, and finally cement the crown to the tooth, fully restoring it!