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Dental fillings are treatment options for

Cavities are essentially tooth structure that has become compromised and diseased. Left untreated, the affected tooth structure will decay and progress to deteriorate the tooth over time. Not all cavities will hurt or bother you! Small cavities that are confined to the outer layer or enamel of the tooth generally will not hurt. As the cavitation progresses past the enamel and into the inner layers, you may experience slight pain and sensitivity randomly. The final stage is when the cavitation has eaten away a significant amount of tooth structure and has reached the inner most layer where the nerves are. This is when one can experience a constant painful ache or spurts or severe random pain. This can ultimately lead to a severe tooth infection or serious health problems.


Sugars and carbohydrates from meals and beverages react with decay-causing bacteria to produce an acid. The enamel on teeth may be harmed by this acid, leading to minor breakdown of tooth structure which is usually replenished through fluoride and reducing the acidity in our mouths.
A tooth's enamel continues to lose integrity when it is subjected to acid on a regular basis, such as when you regularly eat or drink foods high in sugar and starch. Damage can be seen early as there can be a white or brown patch and this is an early symptom of decay.
A cavity will ultimately appear in the enamel as it becomes weaker and eventually breaks down. Most cavities cannot be seen visually as they form in between the teeth and can only been seen on x-rays. This means it is of utmost importance to floss every night as well as get checked at least every 6 months to prevent cavities from forming or progressing.

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An overwhelming majority of dentists and insurance companies will charge or reimburse for the number of sides drilled into for a filling. That means a small, 1 sided filling can spiral into a large, 3-4 sided filling if left untreated. Most dentists cannot guarantee the sides being drilled as the cavitation may be larger than it looks, meaning your costs could go up mid-procedure.

The cost for dental fillings have a wide range, with larger ones exceeding $400 per tooth. We, at Dental Restoration Pros, have eliminated this practice and charge a flat fee of $199 for any filling, of any number of sides. This practice enables us to serve you with integrity and honesty while avoiding overtreatment, which has become a common practice in our field. To ensure that you are comfortable with the investment made in your oral health, we will gladly stand by our work and provide a 2-year guarantee on all tooth filling.

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Dental Filling procedure

Our dentist will painlessly numb the affected tooth and surrounding gums. We check that the anesthetic has kicked in, and start carefully removing all the decayed tooth structure. The tooth is then prepped to adhere to the filling material, and filled with a tooth colored material as close to your natural shade as possible (no more silver fillings!) Your bite will be adjusted to normal and your fully restored tooth is back to health!