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Why is the Dentist EXPENSIVE?

The age-old question of why dental care is so expensive is not a straightforward answer. Many factors have led us to the point where many put off or simply do not come in for the care they need. The main problem is dental insurance companies which we’ve outlined (here) but there are many other factors that go into dental treatment.
The perception of dental insurance versus what it actually costs is one of the major issues. Whether you get it from an employer or pay for it privately, the average cost per month is between $20-50. Compare that to home or auto insurance which costs on average over $100 per month and it becomes evident that consumers are willing to pay a higher cost per month towards our assets than our oral health, which are more likely to affect our health and quality of life. Teeth have somehow gotten to the point of becoming a “luxury” and separated from medical insurance (which privately costs upwards of $700 per month) even though they can have more effects on our systemic health than say our feet (podiatry is covered by medical insurance).

Why is Dental Insurance a Bad Idea?

Being at the point where our teeth have been disconnected from our bodies and a separate entity, there is at times an uproar of dentists “charging too much.” We can compare our consultation fee (Free!) to a service call to a plumber or electrician who can charge $130-200 just to come look at the issue in your home then charge an hourly fee of similar price until the job is completed. This again shows that we as consumers are willing to pay more to unclog our toilet than to have our oral health examined by a professional.
The costs for the actual dental treatment has to do with the degree of specialized knowledge required to perform each task. Licensed general dentists undergo specialized training for four years on top of getting their undergraduate degree and completing further education after dental school for 1-2 more years bringing the total to close to 10 years to become a dentist. Their education comprises of extensive medical and dental knowledge to be able to treat patients in any medical condition safely.
The next time you have a locksmith change a lock in your home in 10 minutes or a dentist do a filling in 5 minutes, realize that the cost is not just for the procedure or service but is for the knowledge and ability to be able to do that job professionally, skillfully and quickly.
At Dental Restoration Pros, we value the quality services we provide and aim to do them at costs that are affordable for patients and allow us to keep our doors open. Whether you are uninsured, living on a fixed income, student with no income or have circumstances which prevented you from seeing a dentist we have many options to get you the care you need. Don’t let costs be a barrier in taking care of your oral health. Schedule a free consult and come get the care you need, when you need it!